We’re getting pretty close to finishing the Winter Switch. It’ll be an 8 track EP. If you’ve attended a live show, you’ll know a few of these tracks.


A friend of mine, Royston, took some photos of three of us at our Obviouzly Armchair show with Witness to Wolves and Kevin Rule.

It was Rosamund’s first show, and it went down pretty well I think.


Here’s a beautiful illustration of moi, drawn by Roy’s friend, artist, Terrence Visagie.


A while back the 3 of us decided to put our feelers out for a 4th member to join the band. Someone who could help us get that extra harmony in our heads, that extra division between two beats.

And we found someone.

And that someone found us too.

So we’d like to welcome Rosamund and her cello to Tape Hiss and Sparkle, we are very happy to have her on board.

Bands don’t always add new members half way through recording an album, but hey, that’s how it unfolded. We’re busy rehearsing at the moment, and unfortunately, the previous dates I posted about the release of the The Winter Switch are no longer true.

Because life is what happens when you make plans.

We will – if all goes well – release The Winter Switch in the first or second quarter of next year.

Below is a little live clip of me playing one of the new songs, Are We Kings, from The WInter Switch in my friend Gareth Jones’ (from Cheap Seats vlog) lounge.

See you next year.


A friend of mine, Meghan Judge, asked me a little while ago if she could use one of Tape Hiss and Sparkle’s songs for an animation/performance art piece of hers that she exhibited at the Greatmore Art Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town this August, as part of a one-day collaborative art show. I unfortunately missed the show (I was on holiday, a valid excuse!) but Meghan kindly sent me the video she exhibited.

I always knew Meghan to be an artist of the finest talent, but this video that she’s made above has blown me away. It’s so visceral and evocative, that I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched it. And to have my music be a part of it is an absolute honour, I’m so very glad and proud that it’s resonated so much with her and helped her create this beautiful piece of goose-bumps-inducing art.

Thank you Meghan.

The song is Knocking Knees from Tape Hiss and Sparkle’s 2011 album, Paperhawk.

Please also read Meghan’s write up of her this piece.


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