I realised a long time ago that you’ll never find yourself arriving at that mystical destination called “success”. However, if you push yourself, honour those around you, and realise that they have also been working hard towards the same or similar goals. What you will then find, is that you’ve traveled a really interesting, beautiful, rewarding journey, with many friends along the way. 

Here’s to the continuation of that journey.


We have sadly said goodbye to Alex (bass) over this last weekend. We wish him all the best! Mandisi will still be seeing him regularly in their incredibly awesome band, Oh Cruel Fate, so all is not bleak.

But we’re very pleased to have found our new bassist in the same crowd that Mandisi and I played to on Friday night at Manila Bar. Helen Westcott from (the sadly now broken up) Coal and (the still very new) Femur will be joining us on the big strings.

We’re all very excited! See you next year!

So The Winter Switch has finally been mastered and everything is lmoat ready to be up online for you to download. This ought to be sometime next week, just finalising the credits and album art.

So the tracklist is as follows:

Like Keys on a Kite String
Be Here Now
One Mile to Violence
The Siege
Ripples and Arithmetic
Are We Kings


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